The Indiana Debate Commission will host two live audience debates for the United States Senate election in 2018. To preserve decorum during the debates and allow for a high-quality live broadcast feed, we ask that audience members comply with the following rules.

The commission reserves the right to remove anyone violating these rules or otherwise disrupting the televised debates. Please review all rules before attending any public event. A reminder of all rules will also be read to the audience prior to the start of the debate.

  • Audience members must be seated one half hour before the start of the debate and remain in their seats for the duration.
  • Cell phones must be turned off – not just muted. Any noise created by a mobile device is considered a distraction and you may be asked to leave. No live tweeting inside the auditorium, texting or checking for messages. If this is problematic to your work or personal situation, please do not apply for a ticket.
  • Audience members may not wear accessories or clothing identifiable with any candidate, party, or political issue.
  • Shouting, cheering, clapping or jeering are not allowed. There must be no extraneous noise of any kind to distract from the live broadcast and what the candidates have to say.
  • Signs, noisemakers or any other partisan outerwear is not allowed to be inside the venue where the public will be seated.
  • Flash photography and motor drives are not allowed inside.
  • Video cameras, except those in use for the official broadcast, are not allowed.

Venues and debate commission volunteers will be policing this policy on site. Security and/or ushers will be stationed throughout the debate venue. If you cannot comply, you may be asked to leave.