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Daily Journal, Franklin
Indiana Public Radio
IndyStar, Indianapolis
Lakeshore Public Media, Merrillville
Network Indiana
WBAA-AM/FM, West Lafayette
WBOI, Fort Wayne
WBST-FM, Muncie
WFIU-FM, Bloomington
WFWA-TV, Fort Wayne
WFYI-FM, Indianapolis
WFYI-TV, Indianapolis
WIPB-TV, Muncie
WLBC, Muncie
WLPR-FM, Merrillville
WNIN-FM, Evansville
WNIN-TV, Evansville
WNIT-TV, South Bend
WREB, Greencastle
WROI, Rochester
WSVX, Shelbyville
WTCA, Plymouth
WTIU-TV, Bloomington
WVPE-FM, Elkhart/South Bend
WVUB-FM, Vincennes
WVUT-TV, Vincennes
WYIN-TV, Merrillville