Media Advisory & Credentials Policy


Final Media Advisory & Credentials Policy

U.S. Senate Debate, Oct. 30, 2018

Media Contact: For any advance questions, please send an email to media@indianadebatecommission or call 317-509-7334.

(Note: This advisory is lengthy and includes technical specifications for broadcast and online use of the LIVE debate stream as well as on-site policies for media. Please read it in full. Most of your questions will be answered in the advisory.)       


Date: Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Broadcast Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

Location: Tobias Theater (aka The Toby), Newfields, 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208-3326

Participating candidates: Joe Donnelly (D) (incumbent), Lucy Brenton (L), Mike Braun (R)




The debate is organized and hosted by the Indiana Debate Commission, an independent, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting full and fair political debates in the public interest.

All 450 public tickets for this debate, provided for free by the commission, have been claimed.

Television production is being provided by WFYI-TV (Indianapolis), with live broadcast feed and web stream offered to media free of charge. Use of the live feed or recorded video should include the following: “Courtesy of Indiana Debate Commission.” This debate is underwritten by AARP and the Indy Chamber, which is hosting a separate live watch party in an adjacent space at Newfields (part of its annual HobNob event). If you have questions about HobNob, please contact the chamber.

Moderator: The moderator for this debate is PBS National Correspondent/Anchor Amna Nawaz (pronounced AHM-na nuh-VAHZ). Questions for this debate came primarily from the public and were reviewed by members of the Indiana Debate Commission board. Some Hoosier voters may attend the debate and ask their questions in person. Information about those voters will be available on site.


If your media organization is carrying the Indiana Debate Commission coverage of the U.S. Senate Debate LIVE Tuesday, Oct. 30, please send us the following information as soon as possible to media@indianadebatecommission for our coverage list:



ORGANIZATION PREFERRED LINKS (website, YouTube, social channels, etc. – and list each separately with the exact URL or HANDLE)

The commission will include any media organization that provides us updated information on their use of this broadcast – whether live or streaming. If your information is not provided to the commission, it may not be included.


Arrival: The working media room, where media will view the debate, will be available beginning at 5 PM. Please arrive 45 minutes before the broadcast start time of 7 PM to register. Media interested in live shots before the debate should coordinate on site or in advance as needed.

Parking: Enter Newfields at the 38th Street entrance and park in spots designated for media. Overflow parking will be at the International School of Indiana, 4330 N. Michigan Road, just north of Newfields, with shuttle service to and from Newfields.

Registration: There will be no advance credentialing. Upon arrival, you will be asked by commissioners to sign in and present a photo and work ID – so arrive early. You must register with your name, media outlet name, email and phone. You must register on site even if you don’t plan on viewing the debate in the assigned working media room.

Media Room: Enter the building through the main entrance and follow the signage and green line to the media room, where you will register and receive an IDC media badge. Only registered working media and IDC commissioners are permitted in the working media room. Please note that there is no media seating in the main debate venue; monitors will be provided with a live feed in the media room. A video split will be available for broadcasters to receive video from the debate on site.

Access to the Media Room/Campaigns and News Releases: The debate commission will not provide any releases, handouts, or other information from campaigns during the debate. Campaigns and candidates are not allowed in the working media room. There will be no distribution of campaign news releases made by commission volunteers or venue staff. Information provided by the campaigns for the media may be left at a designated table outside the working media room. The commission will have no role in distributing, policing, screening, or pulling materials from the designated table, nor will the commission be responsible for checking the appropriateness of materials placed there. Only commission-badged working media and approved commission volunteers are permitted in the working media room. Candidates may choose to make themselves available post-debate, but that option is up to each candidate and campaign manager.

Internet: Wireless access will be available in the working media room. Technical assistance will be provided by Newfields staff.

Media Room Hours: The media room will be available to the media for use only through 10 PM EDT. No exceptions.

Access to Indy Chamber HobNob Live Watch Party: This separately-hosted event from the Indy Chamber will be held in the Deer Zink Pavilion, which is adjacent to The Toby. Paid tickets are still available at Reporters should contact Joe Pellman,, 317-464-2251 (office) or 317-600-6891 (mobile) for information about this event.


This location will be identified when you arrive. Only commission volunteers, commission-badged media and commission-badged representatives of the candidate speaking will be allowed in this area. No exceptions. No one is allowed to record, videotape, or take photos in the post-debate availability with candidates except for commission-badged members of the working media. Anyone who does so and is not a member of the working media will be asked to leave. Candidates may choose to make themselves available post-debate, but that option is up to each candidate and campaign manager.


Darron Cummings of The Associated Press is the pool photographer for this debate. Commission-badged still photographers from other media outlets, who have registered, will be allowed to shoot photos in the auditorium up until 10 minutes before the start of the debate and after the one-hour broadcast. No one will be allowed to shoot photos during the one-hour broadcast except the pool photographer. AP pool photos also will be provided to non-subscribers. Captions and IDs for use will be embedded in the photos. Pool photos will be available for 24 hours after the debate. The link for non-AP members can be found here via


Use of the live feed or recorded video should include the following: “Courtesy of Indiana Debate Commission.” The debate commission provides, free of charge, a live feed with all graphics and supers, as well as embedded Closed Captioning. Broadcasters should use the following specifications:

Galaxy 17 – Transponder 17K – Slot D

Orbital Slot 91 Degrees W

Uplink Freq: 14353.5 (V) (for uplink only)

Downlink: 12053.5 (H)


Bandwidth: 9 MHZ

Symbol Rate: 7.5

FEC: 5/6



HD 1080i

Distributor: Midwest Uplink

Live Feed (with captioning and stereo audio):

10/30/18, 1900 EDT, I-light

10/30/18, 1900 EDT, HD05

Time: 18:30 – 20:00 ET w/approx. +15

19:00:00 Ten seconds of cover video from venue for local station ID

19:00:10 Pre-recorded open rolls.

19:00:25 Individual stations option to insert their own talent to introduce debate.

19:01:01 Moderator welcomes live broadcast and web audience, reviews rules, introduces candidates. Debate begins.

19:57:30 Debate broadcast ends.


Truck operator: Jason Jackson,, 502-641-5945 (mobile)

WFYI production: Clayton Taylor,, 317-614-0476 (office) or 317-402-6770 (mobile)

WFYI engineering: Steve Jensen,, 317-614-0412 (mobile)


Here is your online link to use for the October 30 U.S. Senate debate:

Please visit this link in advance to make sure you are able to access YouTube.

If you cannot access this link, contact your IT department or visit YouTube’s help page:

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Online Troubleshooting: Brian Paul,, 317-409-9723 (mobile)