Indiana Debate Commission: Connect

Dear Voters,

If you’re not involved in the political process, the Indiana Debate Commission can bring you closer than ever to candidates for statewide office. Since its founding in 2007, the commission has pledged to host open forums for Indiana residents to attend and to also solicit questions from voters to be used in debates. Those who have become involved have a genuine interest in the outcome – and seek to learn which candidate might be the best choice before casting a vote.

A debate forum, whether attended in person or followed online via streaming video, offers an avenue to seek honest answers from statewide candidates.

The commission, which is made up of volunteers, continues to see debate as one of the most viable options for citizens. If you can’t speak with a candidate directly, attend a community town hall meeting, or don’t feel like you’re getting a response to emails, letters or calls, then watching a debate is an option during primary and general elections. Debate commission rules must be agreed to by all candidates in order to ensure fairness and balance.

To date, not a single candidate has declined a forum hosted by the commission.

If you’d like to stay in touch with the Indiana Debate Commission during election years, join us on Facebook.

And watch for our videos online, across the state and on national channels.


Dan Byron
Indiana Debate Commission
On Behalf of the 2016 Board of Directors and IDC Affiliates

The Indiana Debate Commission acknowledges the support of our 13 affiliates since 2007.