2010 Indiana U.S. Senatorial Debate

2010 U.S. Senate Indiana Republican Primary Debate

Post-Debate Candidate Press Conference

2010 Indiana U.S. Senatorial Debate

2010 Indiana U.S. Senatorial Debate

Welcome To the Debate

The Indiana Debate Commission (IDC) is the oldest incorporated and independent state-level debate group in the nation. The concept of this commission was created with the input of many voices during the course of a year’s planning in 2007. Represented by 13 affiliates, the IDC provides a free satellite feed to broadcasters during election years to provide the widest viewing and listening audience possible. The IDC has hosted widely televised debates in contested races in both primary and general elections since its founding, with all videos archived on this site for viewing. IDC debates have also been broadcast by C-SPAN, a national public affairs network. Organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the IDC is funded by affiliate pledges and donations of professional services. The commission also accepts charitable gifts and personal donations. Please visit the donate page to see how you can support our mission.

(Photos by Michael Conroy, The Associated Press)

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